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  • Al Green

How the pandemic changed WFH forever

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way businesses operate, with many companies pivoting to remote work in order to ensure the safety of their employees. In the UK, businesses have had to adapt quickly to this new work from home (WFH) environment, and IT has played a crucial role in enabling this transition.

One of the main ways in which businesses have used IT in a WFH environment is through the implementation of remote access solutions. These allow employees to access their work computers, applications, and files from any device with an internet connection, enabling them to work effectively from home. This has been particularly important for businesses that rely on specialized software or systems, as it allows employees to continue using these tools even when they are not physically in the office.

Another key aspect of IT in a WFH environment is the use of communication and collaboration tools. With employees no longer in the same physical location, it is important for businesses to have ways to stay connected and work together remotely. This includes tools such as video conferencing software, instant messaging platforms, and project management tools.

In addition to these specific tools, businesses have also had to consider the overall IT infrastructure needed to support a WFH environment. This includes ensuring that employees have reliable internet access, as well as ensuring that their home office setups are sufficient for their needs. This might involve providing employees with additional hardware such as laptops or monitors, or offering support and guidance on how to set up a comfortable and ergonomic home office.

Overall, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented businesses with a number of challenges, but with the right IT solutions in place, it has been possible for many companies to continue operating effectively in a WFH environment. As the pandemic continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see even more businesses relying on IT to support remote work and ensure the continuity of their operations.

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