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Our Response To COVID19 in 2020

COVID19 spread around the globe at the beginning of the year, causing an immediate reaction from the global economy and businesses. We wanted to share our response to the pandemic and how we have helped our clients continue to operate.

We are open and operating as usual, supporting known brands around East Grinstead and United Kingdom. We have increased the size of our team to further ensure a high quality delivery of service and continue to use our two data centres.

With an increase in demand for working from home and cloud solutions, our IT experts have been busy behind the scenes to make sure we can offer robust and reliable solutions for any businesses considering these options.

IT Security has also been paramount, with an increase of people using their home computers for work related tasks, which can increase the probability of malware attacks and other security issues.

We are currently offering free evaluations, and we are keen to get into contact with businesses regardless of shape and size. Use the contact options available on our website to get into contact with our team if you are considering IT managed services.

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