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Service Level Agreements

We understand the importance of your business and provide service level agreements to ensure that you will receive high quality and professional support, within the time frames you require to sustain your business model. With pro-active and re-active support options available, customisation response and resolution times, we can adapt the agreement to fully suit your businesses needs. 

Pro-Active Support

As part of the IT maintenance plan proposed, we can pro-actively monitor your IT system for faults and respond in accordance with the service level agreement listed. To get pro-active response up and running, all we need to do is install a lightweight program onto one of your servers, which will notify our helpdesk in the event issues are detected on your server or network.

Re-Active Support

When a member of staff notices an issue with your IT system, they can notify our helpdesk through several methods. Once contacted we will then react within accordance of the chosen agreement, fulfilling your businesses needs and providing a solution to the problem. 

Hardware Repairs & Changes

We can fully support your hardware including any changes or required replacements. Hardware redundancy is always a high priority problem, due to the level of interruption a business can experience when something goes wrong. With this in mind, we can use our pro-active monitoring capabilities and IT team, to get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

Backup & Recovery 

As data is now stored digitally, the risk of losing it is higher than ever before. We provide backup and recovery within our service level agreements to make sure your data is safe and secure, no matter what the circumstance. Backups can be scheduled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis fully adjustable to suit your businesses needs. 

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